Tuesday, June 6, 2017

We Found Switzerland

In our Kiwikids news time today we read about a country called Switzerland, but we weren't quite sure where it is. We got out the globe but it was hard to find Switzerland. Our guess was that it was in Europe, because we knew it wasn't in New Zealand, Australia, Africa, Pacific Islands or the U.S.A.

Next we tried the Atlas and the index was a great help.  We found Switzerland just about Italy which we thought looks like Mrs Ives' boots.

Vancouver and Luke found it on Google Maps pretty quickly, so we travelled from New Zealand to visit Switzerland. The alps look amazing for skiing!

It looks like a nice place. We all hope to travel there one day!

Thursday, June 1, 2017

Te reo on our Milk Cartons

Today Vancouver discovered that our school milk cartons have te reo on them. They are either in English or Te Reo, so we put the two packet together and tried to work out what the words might mean.

Fidget Spinners - Class Decides

Do you think Fidget Spinners help you to learn in the classroom? It was interesting to hear what the children had to say. Each child took a position as to whether they are that Fidget Spinners help you to learn in class or not. Nineteen students justified why they thought Fidget Spinners were not helpful in the classroom. Everyone agreed that they were fun and great to play with in the playground. We also talked about responsibility if you bring one to school.

Friday, May 5, 2017

Happy Word Clouds

We created these word clouds that reflect ourselves. They were lots of fun to make and we think they look great.

Wishful Spending

We have been spending money! Last term the students earned Room 2 dollars and they were able to spend it on whatever they wished - pretend of course. We went online and found the best buys. They learned to use  the spreadsheet to calculate the balance by creating a formula. It was great hearing about all the things they wanted to buy and making connections with each other.

Marae Inspires Artwork

The trip to the Marae last term inspired a lot of creativity. We tried to create our own artwork using koru for inspiration and patterns that we saw at the marae.