Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Lexia Superstars

Check out these Lexia Superstars who just keep on getting better at reading! Well-done everyone!

Terrific Towers

Today we worked in groups to compete in a technology challenge. We had to use 20 straws and a small roll of sellotape to build the tallest tower possible. It took a lot of teamwork and creative thinking. We all achieved the task, but some groups were more successful than others. The towers were amazing! We all had lots of fun.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Creating Nets for 3D Shapes

We are learning about three dimensional shapes and in particular we are looking at the cube and cuboid. We have been building some 3D shapes and trying to draw them. We have been learning about the attributes of a cube. Ask me to tell you what they are!

Working on Ball Skills

Every day we take our basketball out as part of our warm up for fitness. We are learning to dribble the ball with each hand, swap the ball from one hand to the other, as well as throw and catch the heavy hard basketball.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Focus on Strategies to Improve Reading

We have been making a great effort to personalise our learning and in reading we are focussing on our reading strategies. We are learning to talk about the ways that we can help ourselves to learn to read and we are zooming to great heights!

Rugby Skills with Tim

Every Wednesday we have been very fortunate to have Tim come and teach us some skills that will help us with our sport. We have been learning to catch a ball on the move, as well as how to dodge a player. Tim always makes learning fun by putting the skills into games.
Thank you Tim!

Creating our own Haka

We can now play the chords on the ukulele and sing all the words, so now it is time to create our own haka moves. We have all been contributing our own ideas, keeping in mind what the kupu (words ) actually mean. Check our our great moves!