Monday, October 16, 2017

Glad to be Back!

Welcome back for term 4!
The children were happy to be back with their friends today and were able to share their holiday stories....

We shared our news with each other and then pretended that our news was on television, so chose the most exciting news of the group to  present.

It certainly sounded like everyone had a great holiday.

Monday, September 11, 2017

Come Sail with Me!

Members of the Queen Charlotte Yacht Club visited our school today to introduce us all to sailing and promote their lesson opportunities that are available in the school holidays. We learned lots about parts of the boat and some people even got a chance to sit in an opti and tack!

A big thrill was also that we all got to sign our names on the sail going to Peter Burling! We look forward to the cup being here in Picton on October 12th, which is in the school holidays. It will be a party on the foreshore as we all celebrate the success of our local boy Joseph Sullivan and his role in the winning team for the America's Cup earlier this year.

Making Paper Planes

Today in maths we made paper planes to see whose plane could fly the furtherest. We estimated the distance first, then we measured the distance in metres. This week we will make all sorts of designs to try and make the plane that flies the furtherest distance.
Here are today's winners:
1st Noah
2nd Emilie
3rd Teneya

Teneya and Noah also made their planes fly the furtherest in another competition today. We might all look at their designs tomorrow!

Capturing Student Voice - Google Forms

We have been using Google Forms to reflect on our learning about using Digital Storytelling. It was fun to see the responses collated and good to reflect on our learning. Mrs Ives says that the information will help her to teach us too!

Ngā Kai

We have been playing Bingo in te reo to learn about food. We have also been using Google Drawing tools to drag and drop the images that represent the food in our lunch boxes. After that we write the words in te reo.

Tasman Makos are Whanau

Vancouver and Tana enjoyed attending the Tasman Makos game on Sunday, especially because some of their relatives were in the team. Tana got his rugby ball signed by some of the players. He felt proud to be able to watch his team win.

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Paper Towers

Perhaps this has been our most challenging technology challenge of all - to build the tallest tower with ONLY ONE piece of A4 PAPER!

At first we thought about folding it, rolling and tearing it. Then we were allowed a pair of scissors. Luke's group thought to make slits and tabs to strengthen their base and make it more stable. We discussed options and revisited our first designs to improve our models.

We learned how to fold the paper to make it stronger and combined all our knowledge of the materials to build much better towers in our second design. They looked amazing!
All from ONE piece of paper and NO glue!

Check out these wonderful designs!