Friday, March 9, 2018

Ki O Rahi

As a class we have been learning how to play Ki O Rahi. It is a very physical game and we are doing very well to learn it. We hope to get good enough to enter in the competition in Blenheim at the end of the term.

Check out the video to brush up on your knowledge of the game.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Reading, reading and more reading!

In Room 2 we are crazy about reading. We try and read everyday and in lots of ways. This year we are learning new reading strategies that will help us to become better readers.

Following My Dream

Following My Dreams
By Malachi Manu
My dream job is to be a rugby league player for the Warriors.
I’ll need to train a lot and play a lot of games as a child and train a lot in my own spare time.I will also need to watch some rugby league games and learn to tackle and pass a ball properly.
I think my dad will help me to achieve my goal to be a player for the Warriors in rugby league, by encouraging me and helping me to get to practices.
In my schooling years I'll mostly need to learn perseverance, because new things take time to learn. I will have to try again and again.
The other things that I will need to learn at school are maths and communication.I’ll need to communicate by telling the truth to other people.
To be a team player I will need to give people put ups. When I play games when I’m young,I’ll need to be nice to other people and not get angry if my team loses.
I will need to learn new skills and learn to know when to go through gaps when needed. I will need to make the reps and play other people older than me so I can get better and better.
The reason I want this job is because I can get paid to do something I love and because I would also get to travel to other countries and see the world.

My Dreams

My Dream Job
By Stevie-Lee
When I grow up I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY want to be a vet. I have always wanted to be one. I have always loved animals since I was the age of 4 and now I’m 8. I like calming down stray dogs or cats and making sure they are healthy, taking them to the vet, and best of all ADOPTING THEM!!
If IhadagirldogorcatIwouldnameitLuna.IfitwasaboydogorcatI would name it Jasper. And of course my main job would be helping animals to survive. I know taking care of animals is a very big responsibility. Mum said if there’s a flood animals may drown.
It’s not just helping animals that I like, its giving animals TLC (tender loving care). I may be getting a pig, I don’t know yet. If I had a pet I would take care of it so much. Most importantly I would have to find out facts about how to care for these animals by reading. Learning at school can help me to get my dream job.
My favourite animal is a Hedgehog.I saw a whole family of them just last night! I’ll have to learn to save money too, so I can be part of ‘Hope for Paws. Money involves learning about numbers, so that’s maths.
I am going to try to do my personal best at school, so I can do the job I love!

Sustainable Sea for Sea week

We have been learning about the importance of keeping our seas clean and free of plastic and pollutants through the LEARNZ programme. We had another webinar and this time it took us to Nelson.

Connecting with Barrie at the LEARNZ office

Listening for information

Shelly and two expert scientists

The Big Fish of Maui

We have been learning about the Māori legend " The Fish of Maui". We have read the book and watched a very cool video. Now we are drawing our own illustrations to make our own digital story.

Ki O Rahi

We have been learning how to play Ki O Rahi and some students from Redwoodtown School came to our school to help us to learn. Check out these photos that Fletcher and Libby took to capture the action.